Danielle Lawrence Kennedy


Havest Moon

When we live in difficult times, this Spirit Inspires us to stay centered. She says,” When we resolve our mental conflicts our life will reflect this Peace.” Peaceful resolution is our constant intention. Releasing the past insures a peaceful presence.

Silver flower at the Heart Center is open yet protected, we can share our heart energy without giving too much away! Elk on the shoulders brings the strength of these magnificent creatures. Clear crystal brings clarity and light. Feathers form a V for victory! May we learn our lessons well and rise again to shine…The curve of the antler reminds us to protect ourselves with grace, acceptance and detachment.

Circle on the base brings color and creativity… depicting the Peyote buds that inspire certain shamanic tribes. 
Turtle is the oldest symbol for Mother Earth in Native American Wisdom. Turtle knows how to stay real, how to firmly stand her ground when threatened, and how to go within to protect herself when necessary. Wisdom of the Earth travels with her.

This Spirit  knows that when we have come to the edge of all the Light we know, & are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, Faith is knowing that one of two things will happen… we will be given a firm place to stand... or…  we will be taught how to fly!

Walk in Beauty... Live with Grace!

36"h x 14"w x 10"d 
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