Danielle Lawrence Kennedy
Havest Moon

This Spirit Figure stands with quiet strength, self-assured.
Curve of antler reminds us to protect ourselves with Grace.
Silver flower at the center holds the lapis lazuli which strengthens our desire for truth and clear vision.

Circle on the base brings wholeness and completion... now that we know there can be peace within the complexity of life. Raven feathers carry the mystery and mastery of these great birds.

They remind us to fly high, so we can see the big picture with all its far reaching consequences. Then, walk on the ground to notice the small details that are also an important part of life. These birds are very loyal to one another... when you help them, they remember, and tell their friends!

Horse ribs cross the back of this piece. Horse brings strength both in the physical and spiritual worlds. Horsepower helps us stand our ground, speak our truth and defend our hearth and home.

Good medicine of the Winged Ones travels with this Spirit.  It reminds us that when we have come to the edge of all the light we know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, Faith is knowing that one of two things will happen... we will be given a firm place to stand, or, we will be taught how to Fly!

5'2"h x 14"d x 24"w