Danielle Lawrence Kennedy

Deep, rich, velvet black is the color of the primal void… color of profound remembering. Knowing who we truly are is the source of all Strength. this Spirit brings energy and courage to the Heart so we may express our personal best. Rich, royal blue of lapis lazuli helps us to look without fear at things we have been avoiding. Spiritually it strengthens the desire for Truth.

Malachite in the open hand helps us clear our fear so we can give in Balance. When we give too much, we feel depleted… when we give too little, we feel constricted… Giving in a Balanced way builds our Faith that all we need will be provided... and then some.

May we now have the Courage to live our lives with Grace and Confidence. We now know we deserve the Best and consciously open to that Flow.

The feathers reach out in all directions, inviting the Divine into our lives. When we have come to the edge of all the Light we know, And are about to step off into the darkness of the Unknown, Faith Is knowing that one of two things will happen… we will be given a firm place to stand, or, we will be taught how to Fly!

24"h x 10"w x 7"d
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