Danielle Lawrence Kennedy
Havest Moon

Medicine Woman

This Medicine Woman speaks of the partnership we have with the Divine, part of our Destiny is written, the other part we write ourselves, moment by moment, through thoughts, words and deeds.

Lightness of Spirit is cultivated by speaking our Truth with Kindness.   Beaver across the shoulders keeps us warm on winter nights. Happiness is an expression of being…  keep your life force energies flowing by expressing your delight!

This Medicine Woman with her green silk carries the energy of transformation. Just as the caterpillar completely liquefies inside the cocoon on its way to becoming a butterfly, so too must we let go of who we think we are in the process of becoming a wiser version of ourselves.

Coral at the heart reminds us to listen to that which is for our highest good and release all else. Amethyst brings spiritual connection and protection. Garnet affirms our reservoir of inner strength and helps us act with practicality.

Forgiveness creates space for new, inspiring people & experiences to enter. Letting go of past insures a fullness in the Presence… go in Peace, walk in Beauty.

This Spirit sings with color... reminding us to celebrate life, have fun and   laugh often! This kind of joy ripples out, touching all we meet & greet! Dragonflies in the silk represent magic…  anything is possible when we are open to the mysterious flow. May your life be filled with Gratitude and Joy

12"h x 4"d x 4"w