Danielle Lawrence Kennedy
Havest Moon

This Spirit brings Abundance, the joyful harvest of our best creative efforts and most colorful expressions.

The Navaho weaving keeps us warm on winter nights.

Silver flowering at the heart reminds us of wholeness and completion, coming full circle, coming home to the Self.

This Spirit protects us, reaffirming our true Divine Nature as Unconditional Love. Whenever we are feeling judgmental towards ourselves, this Spirit may help us accept and value ourselves as we truly are and strengthen our spiritual connection. Lapis says accept your emotional flow, transmute it into pure light. Curve of tooth and bone reminds us to protect ourselves with Grace.

Golden prayer beads bring blessings beyond our wildest dreams, keeping the connection to the vast abundance of the Universe. Every thought & word counts.

Our Higher Self says part of our Destiny is written, the other part we write ourselves, moment by moment... through thoughts, words and deeds.

The Choice is to connect more deeply... love, compassion, understanding. True freedom comes in the pause between stimulus and response… may Joy be in your heart and Wisdom guide your way.

12"d x 18"w x 40"t 
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