Danielle Lawrence Kennedy

As the trees stand tall with deep, hidden roots, so, too, can we. Copper re-stimulates the flow of life force energy... triangles moving up draw matter into Spirit, moving down, draw Spirit into matter. Caribou fur brings warmth to winter nights.

Carved silver at the center reminds us of wholeness and completion, coming full circle, coming home  to the Self.
This Spirit protects our heart and reaffirms our nature as
Unconditional Love.

Whenever we are feeling judgmental towards ourselves or others, this Spirit may help us practice acceptance and self-love. True freedom comes from a spacious mind, acceptance, detachment, loving what is. Earth colors remind us of the healing energy of the forest, may we spend more time rejuvenating ourselves in her peaceful presence.

Copper cross at the heart reminds us of the relationship of self to Self, to Greater Self as part of our Destiny is written, the other part we write  moment by moment... through our thoughts, words and deeds. 

The Choice is to soften our judgments and cultivate love, compassion and understanding. True freedom comes in the pause between stimulus and response…May Joy be in your heart and Wisdom guide your way.

38"h x 16"w x 10"d
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