Danielle Lawrence Kennedy

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This Wise One carries the Spirit of Mystery and Strength.
Triangle at the center is open, yet protective, guarding the delicate nature of the heart. Eagle, symbol of freedom and vision, reminds us that liberty begins with an open mind, an open heart and incredible lightness of being. Know your own essence, it is beautiful. Freedom from fear, this is the greatest gift.

The Mysteries of Life & Love often involve Paradox and Illusion.

When we look outside ourselves for the "love that endures" it is elusive. When we cultivate, inside, the steady source of love that flows through our own being… we are content. This love abides, this love supports, this love is subtle, dependable and true. It needs only our attention to come into being… Self-love is then enhanced by all those we meet on our true path.

This Wise One says we plant the seeds of what we want…Love, Peace, Prosperity, Contentment… with every breath we draw, with every thought, word and deed.

"Honor the present moment, nurture only the best and the highest. Walk with Grace and Dignity and the whole world will honor you."


10"w x 10"d x 24"h