Danielle Lawrence Kennedy

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This Eagle Spirit holds his wings wide in a gesture of protection and expansion... When needing a sense of support, he may speak to you. Turtle is the oldest symbol for Mother Earth in Native American tradition.

Turtle medicine is about honoring our feelings, going inside to protect ourselves when necessary, then placing our feet firmly on Mother Earth and speaking our Truth.

Eagle can fly high above reality to see clearly and understand his direction in life. He can also walk upon the ground and take care of small matters. This eagle brings a lightness of Spirit, wholeness and completion. The curving antler reminds us to protect ourselves with Grace. Remember the warmth of the rising sun… bringing energy and strength. This Eagle Spirit reminds us to start each day with a fresh, clear view... anything is possible.

The feathers are both light and dark. With this I acknowledge the importance of befriending both the light and the shadow side of existence…

“V” is for victory on all levels.
The essence of this piece is strength, expansion and protection.

Eagle medicine is about the power of connection to the Divine. Eagle reminds us that when we have come to the edge of all the Light we know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, Faith is knowing that one of two things will happen... we will be given a firm place to stand, or... We will be taught how to Fly.


28"h x 30"w x 7"d