Danielle Lawrence Kennedy
Danielle Lawrence Kennedy
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Danielle Lawrence Kennedy has been an artist all her life & has explored almost every medium. These ancient, contemporary kachinas personify Mother Nature. The faces are archetypal, Mother Nature, herself, not human. Danielle is inspired by the subtle interplay of color, form and texture: antique tapestries & silk, bones & gems, turtle shells & ocean creatures.

These kachinas are a place where the simple and the profound, the commonplace and the sacred, can merge. Her intention is to create a place from which peace, harmony, wisdom and mystery can emanate... the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Once each piece is complete Danielle writes the thoughts and inspirations that continue to express a deeper meaning.

A shaman is a person who helps us heal through our connection with Nature and with Spirit. Kachina literally means Guardian Spirit or Messenger. These Spirit Figures express Danielle Lawrence Kennedy's deep love of nature and offer this healing connection and inspiration to the world. Spirit Art Taos, NM